• Is chafing the same as rubbing or friction?

    It is indeed – and describes the painful, burning skin rash or irritation caused by friction. Affected areas can become tender, even painful. Severe cases of chafing can result in grazed, raw or blistered skin that may require medical attention. Chafing is not reserved only for athletes or women who exercise - chafing can occur during normal day -to-day activities as well - think an underarm seam, new slip-slops or a bra that doesn’t quite fit right. You’re more likely to develop chafing on body parts that rub against each other or your clothing. The thighs, buttocks and under boobs are common areas, as are nipples, groin, feet and armpits.

  • What causes chafing?

    Whether skin-on-skin or clothing-on-skin, rubbing or friction, are the key culprits which cause chafing. The skin is traditionally strong and flexible enough to protect itself from external elements, but skin cells also reach their limit and break down if overworked. Repeated rubbing, especially when combined with moisture, makes the skin more vulnerable to chafing and aggravated by pressure, heat, humidity and perspiration. That means summer can be problematic, although excessive dryness and cold can also be responsible for chafing.

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Vulnerable Areas